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"If such "rich experiences" were actually the only uniqueness, home consoles would lose their meaning when battery-operated portable devices become capable of reproducing similar rich experiences. On the contrary, and this is something which started to be discussed when Wii made its debut in 2006, bigger screen TVs were entering our living rooms around that time, which enabled people to use their living rooms for a more broad range of purposes. More specifically, living rooms had morphed into play areas where people could move their bodies. This is one of the unique entertainment features that home console systems, not handheld devices, were able to realize.
With this as an example, even such a distinction that “home console machines provide rich experiences but handheld devices cannot” will change as time goes by, and I believe that there will always be unique experiences that only home consoles can realize. Nintendo has to make efforts to offer the public something only our home console systems can achieve. There are also a number of restrictions with home consoles such as you have to be in front of a TV set, all the players must get together in one place and you cannot play if someone else is watching a TV program. I feel that an increasing number of people, who are playing with a variety of games, are saying, “I used to be able to start home console games rather casually, just whenever I felt like playing with them, but nowadays, because I am used to the easy-to-start handheld game devices, I have to have a rather strong determination to start playing with home console games.” I understand that the situation surrounding home consoles is changing. Home consoles have to provide something unique to users that is only possible on home consoles in addition to the “rich experiences.” For example, we must focus on what kinds of unique entertainment can be created when a home console can reproduce its images on a large monitor screen which can be viewed by several people at the same time. I think that in the mid and long term, the mission of home console machines will change in this fashion.” - Iwata

This is from January….Definitely pertains to the Wii2 rumours going round. Makes a lot of sense now. DROP THE BOMB IWATA!

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“Is turnin’ the power off without savin’ gonna change any of that? …Of course it ain’t, punk!

That kinda thing only happens in video games!

In REAL life, in the REAL world, it ain’t happenin’.

And that’s normal. 

Hear me? That’s the way it is, right?

It’s takin’ whatever comes your way, the good AND the bad, that gives life flavor.

It’s all that stuff rolled together that makes life worth livin’.

Turnin’ the power off ‘cause you didn’t get an item you really, really wanted? Or tryin’ to backtrack and avoid some kinda sticky situation?


C’mon, [name].

Stop playin’ like that.

Stop LIVIN’ like that!

I mean, grow up, will ya?

You’re better than this…

You know anybody who’s got a perfect life?

‘Course not. ‘Cause nothin’s perfect.

So I’ll say it one more time and hope you REALLY hear me this time…

Mistakes and disappointment make the sweet things in life that much sweeter.

You gotta take everythin’ life throws atcha.

Roll with the punches, hear me?

Deal with the consequences of your actions, ‘cause life ain’t no video game.

You feel that irony, punk?” - Resetti, Animal Crossing Wild World

Reblog with the shows you watch bold!

1- Glee 

2- The Big Bang Theory

3- Two and a half men.

4- The O.C.

5- Project Runway

6- Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

7- Simpsons.

8- Hannah Montana

9- America’s/Brazil’s Next Top Model

10- Drake and Josh.

11- Kendra.

12- Kimora

13- Zack and Cody.

14- I Carly

15- How’d You Get So Rich?

16- The New Adventures of Old Christine

17- The Vampire Diaries

18- Mike e Molly.

19- Better With You.

20- Smallville.

21- Supernatural

22- Pretty Little Liars

24- Hellcats

25- Skins UK

26- The Walking Dead

27- Dexter 

28- Desperate Housewives

30- One Tree Hill

31- Misfits

32- Jonas AHHHHHHH.

33- Grey’s Anatomy

34- House

35- Lost 

36- The Mentalist

37- Gossip Girl 

38- CSI 

39- Wizards of Waverly Place

40- Sonny with a Chance

41- Friends 

42- The Middle

43- True Blood

44- Cold Case

45- Ghost Whisperer

46- Bones 

47- White Collar

48- Lie to me 

49- Hawaii Five - 0

50- The Chicago Code 

51- Legend of the seeker

52- 90210

53- Body of Proof

54- True Jackson

55- Big Time Rush

56- Nip/Tuck

57- Sex and the City

58 - Modern Family

59 - Brothers & Sisters

60 - Community

61 - Private Practice

62 - United States of Tara

63 - Weeds

64 - The Big C

65 - Nurse Jackie

66 - Shameless US

67 - Survivor 

67 - The Amazing Race

68 - Big Brother US

69 - The Good Wife

70 - The Hard Times of RJ Berger

71 - cougar Town

72 - American Idol

73 - The X Factor

74 - Breaking Bad

75 - Mad Men

76 - Doctor Who

77 - Fringe

78 - How I Met Your Mother

79 - Jersey Shore

80 - Six Feet Under 

81 - Battlestar Galactica

82 - Seinfeld

83 - The L Word

84 - The Real L Word

85 - Castle

86 - Law and Order: SVU

87 - Happy Endings

88 - Game of Thrones

89 - The Killing

90 - The Borgias

91 - Californication

92 - Queer as folk

93 - Nikita

94 - 24 Horas

95 - Arrested Development

96 - Veronica Mars

97 - The Wire

98 - The Sopranos

99 - Law & Order

100 - Friday Night Lights

101 - 24

102 - Mad Love

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